Catgut Nymph

  • Catgut Nymph

    Catgut Nymph

This nymph has been tied from highly valued material by many fly tiers - the catgut. I caught on this pattern in the last day of the trout season several trouts on small river nearby to me.

Catgut this is surgical thread used in veterinary medicine, which has an interesting feature visible after soaking: becomes slightly transparent and slightly swells.

The first feature enables to tie underbody from colored thread (best seen in natural color catgut). Due to the second feature does not need to tie each wrap of the catgut close to next wrap, we save a little bit not so cheap material



Hook: Hanak 400BL no. 12

Thread: UTC Fl. Yellow

Bead: tungsten 2.8mm in copper

Tag: pearl UNI tinsel

Tail: Coq de Leon

Body: Catgut, in brown size M

  • dry the Catgut nymph

    dry the Catgut nymph

  • wet the Catgut nymph

    wet the Catgut nymph

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