Crystal pike streamer

  • Crystal pike streamer

    Crystal pike streamer

Effective pike streamer which I tested together with my friend Darek Rakowski during last November's trip. As it turned out later, it gave us a lot of pike.

Basic material for this pattern is the Crystal Hair - fine, slightly transparent and they move very well in the water. Addition of a good flashabou, perfect a barbless Partridge hook (very sharp) and the Loon UV Red resin in the bottom part of the head which is not irrelevant to me - all you have to do is see how this part of the fly changes after lighting in UV.



Hook: Partridge Absolute Predator 1/0

Thread: white UTC 210

Wing: Crystal Hair - white, grey and hot olive

Flash: Mirage Flashabou

Eyes: 3D Eye 8mm and Loon UV - clear and red

Krystian Niemy



Looks like one I could try. Thanks for sharing.


Just brilliant. Could you demo some brush flies please? Maybe you can also show us how to build a simple brush tying devise? Thanks from the Kalahari desert.


Does bucktail work for that fly, too?

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