Daddy Long Legs (Crane fly)

Another lake pattern which has to imitate the insects of the family Tipulidae. At the end of summer and early autumn those insects are often prey for lake's trout and other species. The author of the traditional version with the hackle is the British fly angler Richard Walker.

The distinguishing element of that fly are 3 pairs of long legs made of tied barbs from pheasant centre tail feather.



Thread: UTC 140 olive

Body: 1mm foams (here light from J:sonSweden's set and Tan from Razor Foam)

Hook: Hanak 200BL no. 10

Legs: Veniard Knotted Pheasant Tail

Wings: grizzly hackles from genetic cock/roster cape (here Keough hackle)

Dubbings: Ice Dub UV in Tan and Ice Dub in Peacock Black color

Krystian Niemy

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