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Consecutively I will add more types of flies tied by me. If you have any questions or suggestions concerning the content of this website or fly tying please e-mail me at the address available in the Contact section.

  Krystian Niemy
  • Grayling orange scud

    Orange scud

    Grayling orange scud is easy to tie and the most important tested on rivers in South of Poland like: Dunajec, Sola or Koszarawa.

  • Brown Cactus PT nymph

    Brown Cactus Pheasant Tail nymph

    One of my variations of popular Pheasant Tail nymph pattern. Most importantly that has been tested during trout fishing, but in smaller sizes is good for grayling. Great fly on dirty water.

  • Yellow-red marabou - fly for perch

    Proven and effective fly pattern for perch in rivers or lakes. I recommend to try because the fly fishing is not only trout and grayling.

  • Rainbow trout fly

    Hot Orange - fly for rainbow trout

    Highly effective fly for the rainbow trouts in lakes and other stillwater fisheries made with chenille of Sybai brand. It is worth to tie this fly in other colors like: light and hot pink, black and pearl.

  • Marabou streamer

    Simple and quick streamer pattern which can be tied on smaller hook for trout and bigger hook for a seatrout.

  • Soft hackle wet fly

    Very easy to tie wet fly and in my opinion from such kind of patterns each beginner can start to learn fly tying. Soft hackle wet fly can be tied from various materials (natural or synthetic) in any color.

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