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Consecutively I will add more types of flies tied by me. If you have any questions or suggestions concerning the content of this website or fly tying please e-mail me at the address available in the Contact section.

  Krystian Niemy
  • Grayling jig nymph

    Something simple and very quick for a grayling season. In this jig nymph I have used an interesting synthetic material the Quill Body Pearl, which samples I have had the opportunity to test more than a year ago.

  • Frog fly

    Frog fly

    Frogs are one of the favorite early spring delicacies in the diet of large brown trout or sea trout, other species like pike and bass like them too.

  • Woolly Bugger Jig Fly

    Woolly Bugger Jig Fly

    The Woolly Bugger is a classic trout fly and is available in the most of fly boxes in the world. Is very effective not only for trout but for many other species.

  • Olive Buzzer

    Olive buzzer

    In time of preparing of my lake fly box for next year trips to the Czech Republic fisheries I have tied a olive buzzer. Covering a body of the buzzer is important because than a weight of a fly is higher and the pattern sink better. 

  • Quill nymph

    Quill nymph

    Quill nymph pattern where the body has been made from the peacock quill, painted by waterproof marker and covered by UV resin - the Clear Cure Goo in Hydro version.

  • Bonefish crab

    Bonefish crab

    This time I have something else, a fly for the bonefish - highly popular fish from a warm saltwater flats. Imitation of a crab are one of a basic flies and worth to have a few patterns in a fly box.

  • Yellow Sea Trout fly

    Yellow Sea Trout fly

    As we know the sea trout in a winter time like a yellow flies and the best time to catch sea trout is a dusk. The addition of a glow fibers will lighten up a fly in a hours of darkness.

  • Shrimp fly

    Shrimp fly

  • Stonefly nymph

    Stonefly nymph

    This time it is the turn of big stonefly nymph, which in spring time can be very effective. This is not imitation with tail and legs made from biot or 3-parts windcase, this stonefly pattern is more mobile and can be used for stillwater of river fishing.

  • Bibio classic wet fly

    Bibio - classic wet fly

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