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Consecutively I will add more types of flies tied by me. If you have any questions or suggestions concerning the content of this website or fly tying please e-mail me at the address available in the Contact section.

  Krystian Niemy
  • Pearl Minnow fly

    Pearl Minnow

    Pearl Minnow this is a minnow pattern where I have used a two main materials: synthetic hairs for the tail and pearl minnow tubing. This pattern works well for species like trout, chub, perch - I have catched them for this fly.

  • Lead Wing Coachman

    Lead Wing Coachman

    The Lead Wing Coachman is a classic wet fly, it’s a typical Coachman only made with slightly darker wings. Thanks to this fly I’ve caught many brown trout, chub, dace and even grayling. Of course for grayling you may need a smaller hook.

  • stillwater rainbow trout fly

    Pink & White Killer

    This fly is fabulously simple to tie and extremely effective with rainbow trout. During the last late autumn trip to Skaliczka (a reservoir in the Czech Republic), half of the trout I caught were on this fly.

  • Czech Style Nymph

    Czech Style Nymph

    This Nymph has been tied according to the style of Polish southern neighbours - Czech Republic. Its characteristics include a narrow profile and often include a multicolour body and back. This pattern is highly effective for trout and grayling.

  • The Fireman - pike fly

    The Fireman - pike fly

  • Beetle chub foam fly

    Beetle - chub foam fly

  • Amber Caddis Pupa

    Amber Caddisfly Pupa

    Imitation of metamorphosing caddis fly, which looks very attractive when is wet, and at the same time is not difficult to tie. Body of the Amber Caddisfly Pupa has been made from the Vinyl D Rib, very easy to use material from the UTC brand.


  • Upside-down streamer

  • Czech style lake/stillwater lure

    The fly was watched furtively in a lake box of a Czech competitor at the occasion of the competition in Auschwitz.

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