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    Shrimp Fly

UV colors and flies tied with a UV materials are very well seen by the fish, for sure a trout and grayling - that's what I know from my own experience.

A few people from Scandinavia sent me some time ago very positive information about the new product on the market a Danish Shrimp Eyes - the Easy Shrimp Eyes. I did not hesitate to contact with the producer who surprised me a lot and sent them for testing ;) .

The eyes are great, symmetrical, well spaced and have a flat surface at the end for easier
attachment to the hook.

As you can see in selected photos where a shrimp fly pattern is illuminated with a UV torch the Easy Shrimp Eyes and the accent on the belly shine and are very visible.



Hook: Akita AK 301 no. 6
Thread: UNI Mono Fine
Eyes: Easy Shrimp Eyes in Super Fluorescent
Antennae: Mallard Barred Flank in Tan
Body: dubbing Hareline Polad Dub (Tan and White) + a bit of Ice Dub UV Tan
Belly: chenille Micro Cactus marki Veniard w kolorze Fl. Pink

Krystian Niemy

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