I have been thinking about creating a section with reviews of fly tying tools for a long time. So as the first product I have the Italian Stonfo Elite Bobbin .
I have been collecting various types of tying tools for many years, and I have more than 20 bobbins 😉 .
For a few years I have two the Stonfo Elite Bobbin models and thousands of flies tied with them.

At the beginning you need to know that the text is not sponsored. You will read below everything what do I think about this bobbin. Features and benefits, as well as things that do not necessarily appeal to me.

Basic information

Stonfo Elite Bobbin is not a low-quality product, it made in Italy, in the country of origin of the Stonfo brand.
The tube, milled handle and arm are made of steel, and selected elements used to adjust the thread tension are made of plastic (red elements).

Bobbin characteristics :

  • tube length – 27 mm
  • length of the tube with the the handle – 47 mm
  • total length – 98 mm
  • weight – 21 gram
  • producent code – 528

Stonfo Elite Bobbin adjustment

It is not the first bobbin of this type in the world, which has a knob that allows you to adjust the pressure on the thread spool.
The knob is comfortable to use, does not slip thanks to the cuts on the circumference and always reacts to the slightest movement.
It has a scale on its surface that I have never used and I don’t think it is needed. Each time I adjust the tension depending on the thread used and what flies I tie.

The adjustment part consists of three parts:

  • adjustment knob with nut
  • pressure foam
  • inner pressure ring that makes contact with the thread spool

The adjusting ring moves over the thread. Could the thread be finer to make the change even more precise? – I don’t think it is necessary.

I have heard of cases where the position of the bobbin adjustment ring has changed. Nothing like this has ever happened to me, but in my opinion it is due to the technique of holding the Stonfo bobbin.

I have seen tiers in various types of fly tying shows who hold the bobbin in their lower part. Not in the part dedicated to it (here the milled part under the tube).

In the lower part we have an adjustment knob, which, unfortunately, is not secured against unexpected change of position.

Which spools fits the Stonfo?

The adjustment spacing definitely prefers wide standard spools such as UNI, UTC, Danville’s, Veevus and others

Unfortunately, it does not work with smaller spools, such as the Hends brand. Hends spool has an inner hole too small and this makes it impossible to attach the bobbin. That spool is also too narrow.

The internal spacing of the Stonfo Elite Bobbin is approximately 26-35 mm.

The milled handle is well designed, the fingers do not slide forward and it is comfortable to hold. Even during several hour-long sessions at the vice.

The tip of the tube is one of the most important elements of each bobbin. In the Stonfo Elite Bobbin is made of steel and well polished to prevent thread breakage.

Balance of the bobbin

Due to its asymmetrical structure, the bobbin does not do it in the axis of the thread during rapid twisting. There is no effect that I dislike if we twist the Stonfo bobbin slower or gently.

However, all fly tiers who often split the thread and twist materials inserted in this way, they should consider whether the Stonfo Elite Bobbin is perfect for them.


Is it worth buying a Stonfo Elite Bobbin? – in my opinion, yes. For its price, it is a very good choice with a very solid structure and it will certainly serve for many years.

In my opinion, not every bobbin is for everyone and it has to be adjusted to the hand first of all. Some bobbins are larger, others are smaller, the hands are the same.

In my case it is one of the most used bobbins for standard fly sizes, mainly streamers. I like its greater weight and comfortable grip.

It is a pity there is no longer tube, because then it would be great for larger pike or sea flies. Advantages:

  • solid and ergonomic construction
  • thread tension adjustment
  • made in Italy
  • price


  • no protection against changing the position of the tension adjustment
  • changing the thread spool takes more time compared to the classic bobbin
  • does not twist on the axis

Krystian Niemy

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