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Consecutively I will add more types of flies tied by me. If you have any questions or suggestions concerning the content of this website or fly tying please e-mail me at the address available in the Contact section.

  Krystian Niemy
  • Grizzly shrimp

    Grizzly shrimp

    Early spring season for sea trout is just around the corner, so I have tied some simple fly to tie in must have color because everybody like grizzly color, trout and tiers ;) .

  • Natural CDC dry fly

    Dry fly in a very natural colors where the body has beed made by interesting the Flat Quill tinsel.  It is slightly transparent and I like it for years, I am using also this material for small nymphs.

  • Bug Flash Pupa

    Imitation of emerging caddis larva where the body has been made of interesting material from Serbian brand Hemingway. The Bug Flash has a conical profile, is slightly transparent and soft, working with this material is fast and pleasant.

  • Crystal pike streamer

    Crystal pike streamer

    Effective pike streamer which I tested together with my friend Darek Rakowski during last November's trip. As it turned out later, it gave us a lot of pike.

  • Grey jig nymph

    Grey jig nymph

    Small and highly effecitve nymph tied on a jig hook in size no.16, and what is important for beginner fly tiers very easy to tie.

  • Grey wet fly

    This time I have for you my wet fly killer from this year, which was highly effective for trout, chub and grayling in my local rivers.

  • Brown CDC dry fly

    Brown CDC dry fly

    A simple and effective dry fly in a classic brown colour. The body has been made by delicate and very well dubbed on the thread the Spirit River Fine & Dry dubbing, which also works well on nymph patterns.

  • Hare Tan Caddis Pupa

    Hare Tan Caddis Pupa

    Fabulously simple to tie imitation of the caddis larva, which is very effective during emerging of this insect. Brown trout from the Dunajec river in Poland and from the Vah in Slovakia loved this pattern.

  • Perdigone Holo Quill nymph

    Perdigone's nymphs are very simple to tie, and in many situations very effective. They come from Spanish boxes, and one of those fly fisherman gave me information about those patternt a few years ago.

  • Stonefly nymph

    Evolution Stonefly nymph

    I am pleased to present as perhaps the first person imitation of the stonefly nymph tied on the latest materials from Hemingway brand - the Evolution series. Complete set include: body and tail, thorax and legs, and for finishing Buds & Back.

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