Squirrel Jig Nymph

Super catchy Squirrel Jig Nymph where the basic material is squirrel hair in two forms. Easy to tie, durable..
nimfa Grey Orange Czech Nymph

Grey Orange Czech Nymph

After a long break I have for you nymph which I know around 15 years. This is a czech nymph pattern in grey-orange colors, which worked well while trout fishing in river.
skuteczna nimfa jig

Grey jig nymph

Small and highly effecitve nymph tied on a jig hook in size no.16, and what is important for beginner fly tiers very easy to tie.

Perdigone Holo Quill nymph

Perdigone's nymphs are very simple to tie, and in many situations very effective. They come from Spanish boxes, and one of those fly fisherman gave me information about those patternt a few years ago.

Hot Grey & Pearl nymph

One of my favorite trout nymphs that I use with success in spring and when the water is slightly dirty. The base is my favorite Hareline dubbing, which is very importantly wrapped with UNI pearl tinsel

Evolution Stonefly nymph

I am pleased to present as perhaps the first person imitation of the stonefly nymph pattern tied on the latest materials from Hemingway brand - the Evolution series. Complete set include: body and tail, thorax and legs, and for finishing Buds & Back.

Black & Silver nymph

The combination of black body and silver bead consists of a very effective nymph pattern which I have used for many years. However, the glossy dubbing in the violet color additionally improves the effectiveness of the nymph.

Hemingway’s Mayfly nymph

For this mayfly nymph I have used semi realistic materials from Serbian brand Hemingway's. Those fly tying materials can be used in several ways and one of them I present below.

Micro jig nymph

Micro nymph tied on the smallest jig hook on the market in size no.20 . Classic combination of colors with silver tungsten bead and holographic tag is always worked well.

Scud nymph

Scud has been made from a mix of different dubbings, first of all it was the Polar Dub (Hareline brand), which has an interesting structure i.e. is slightly transparent when wet and bit of a great scud's dubbing - the Sow Scud (Wapsi brand).