Sculpin streamer pattern

Super easy Sculpin pattern

Does tying a good effective streamers have to be complicated? Of course not. You will see everything on this Sculpin streamer pattern, where I used only 3 materials.
mucha na szczupaka

Crystal pike streamer

Effective pike streamer which I tested together with my friend Darek Rakowski during last November's trip. As it turned out later, it gave us a lot of pike.

Big streamer for pike

Big streamer for pike with Stonfo Streamer Fish Head, step by step pictures.

Orange bead Woolly Bugger

Classic fly for trout and not only for trout, in the version with an orange bead and shiny body. Such kind of the Woolly Bugger should have place in your fly box.

Baitfish streamer fly

Spring for me is the time for fly fishing with a streamer and wet flies. Just for this time I have tied a baitfish imitation where I have used syntetic and natural material and finished with a dyed grizzly feathers.

Ice Bugger

This time something with the thought of spring trout, fly which I have been using successfully for years - black leeches. Mainly I am using as a dropper fly with zonker style streamer as a point fly.

Woolly Bugger Jig Fly

The Woolly Bugger is a classic trout fly and is available in the most of fly boxes in the world. Is very effective not only for trout but for many other species.

Yellow Sea Trout fly

As we know the sea trout in a winter time like a yellow flies and the best time to catch sea trout is a dusk.

Fly for perch & rainbow trout

One of my basic fly for perch and rainbow trout, extremely simple to tie and effective at the same time in lakes and rivers.

Mickey Finn Fly

The Mickey Finn Fly this is classic and forgotten by many fly tyers streamer pattern, what is important is easy to tie. We need a silver tinsel, bucktail and short while a vise.