Black & Grizzly Snatcher

Snatcher is a very successful lake fly which is worth using when trout are feeding near the surface. These types of patterns are tied on a curved hooks type of Gammarus or Pupa profile and recognizable sign is hackle on the body.

Golden Olive Buzzer

Another simple lake buzzer tied for the next trips to the Czech fishery. I used here two new and interesting in our market materials: thin thread/winsel the Micro Glint and a red version of the popular Loon UV glue.
mucha Black Booby

Black Booby

Booby is another type of lake flies with characteristic eyes made from floating round foam. Very simple and effective pattern for trout or perch.

Daddy Long Legs (Crane fly)

Another lake pattern which has to imitate the insects of the family Tipulidae. At the end of summer and early autumn those insects are often prey for lake's trout and other species.

Olive buzzer

In time of preparing of my lake fly box for next year trips to the Czech Republic fisheries I have tied a olive buzzer.
mucha jeziorowa Blob

Black&Orange Blob

An extremely simple fly and two basic materials, and the result is a great fly for lake rainbow trout. Of course, it will also work well on the river and when fishing for brown trout.