mucha morska Krewetka Grizzly

Grizzly shrimp

Early spring season for sea trout is just around the corner, so I have tied some simple fly to tie in must have color because everybody like grizzly color, trout and tiers ;) .

Lesser Sand Eel

This time I have something for sea trout, sea bass and other species, not only saltwater because colors of this pattern are quite universal.

Surf Candy v.

The Surf Candy is classic saltwater baitfish fly pattern known for several decades, which is fabulously simple to tie. It was invented by Bob Popovics for catching bluefish, then has been tied from the Bucktail hair and epoxy.

UV Hot E&B Shrimp Fly

UV colors and flies tied with a UV materials are very well seen by the fish, for sure a trout and grayling - that's what I know from my own experience.

Bonefish crab

This time I have something else, a fly for the bonefish - highly popular fish from a warm saltwater flats.

Shrimp fly

Shrimp imitations are extremely popular among Scandinavian fly fishermen who fish a sea trout from the coast.

Clouser Minnow

The Clouser Minnow is a classic fly that was designed around 1987 by fishing guide Bob Clouser. Originally Clouser Minnow was invented to catch smallmouth bass

Bornholm shrimp fly

This time, something simple to catch the Baltic sea trout, which are caught by an increasing number of fly anglers on our coast and other fisheries, such as the Bornholm island.