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Consecutively I will add more types of flies tied by me. If you have any questions or suggestions concerning the content of this website or fly tying please e-mail me at the address available in the Contact section.

  Krystian Niemy
  • Hair Caddis Pupa

    Hair Caddis Pupa

    Imitation of metamorphosing the caddis larvae which body was made of interesting material, which in my opinion is perfect for those imitation - this is a Natural Latex from Veniard.


  • Klinkhammer Special

    Klinkhammer Special

    The Klinkhammer Special is a popular and effective emerger fly, which was invented in the 80s by Dutchman Hans van Klinken. Its aim was to imitate an emerging caddisfly and right now because this is the time of caddis the Klinkhammer works great.

  • Orange bead Woolly Bugger

    Orange bead Woolly Bugger

    Classic fly for trout and not only for trout, in the version with an orange bead and shiny body. Such kind of the Woolly Bugger should have place in your fly box.

  • Hemingway's Mayfly nymph

    For this mayfly nymph I have used semi realistic materials from Serbian brand Hemingway's. Those fly tying materials can be used in several ways and one of them I present below.

  • Micro jig nymph

    Micro jig nymph

    Micro nymph tied on the smallest jig hook on the market in size no.20 . Classic combination of colors with silver tungsten bead and holographic tag is always worked well.

  • Scud nymph

    Scud nymph

    Scud has been made from a mix of different dubbings, first of all it was the Polar Dub (Hareline brand), which has an interesting structure i.e. is slightly transparent when wet and bit of a great scud's dubbing - the Sow Scud (Wapsi brand).

  • Hair Caddis

    Hair Caddis

    100% hair pattern inspired classic the Elk Hair Caddis, from which it differs by the missing hackle of the body because I removed it due to a squirrel dubbing.

  • CdC Midge dry fly

    CdC Midge dry fly

    Each of us has met on the river (in particular in late autumn or in winter) situation when the fish are taking something from the surface. In general these are micro flies called midges.

  • Copper John

    Copper John v.

    The Copper John is a simple, effective and very popular nymph in recent years, particularly in the USA, but not only there. This relatively young pattern has many modifications, here differs from the original only the wing case and UV glue.

  • Black & Grizzly Snatcher

    Black & Grizzly Snatcher

    Snatcher is a very successful lake fly which is worth using when trout are feeding near the surface. These types of patterns are tied on a curved hooks type of Gammarus, or Pupa profile and recognizable sign is hackle on the body.

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