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Consecutively I will add more types of flies tied by me. If you have any questions or suggestions concerning the content of this website or fly tying please e-mail me at the address available in the Contact section.

  Krystian Niemy
  • CdC yellow dry fly

    CdC dry fly with yellow synthetic quill

    CdC dry fly in one of the most popular colours which you should have in your fly box. Body in this dry fly pattern I have tied from new material on the market, this is the Synthetic Quill Body Wrap (brand Hareline).

  • Viva - mini lure wet fly

    I don't know why I'm just now showing this one of my basic wet flies, which I have been succesfully using for many years. Viva is effective not only for spring's river trout, but also it works well during the states of slightly raised water or evening flights of the caddis.

  • Baitfish streamer fly pattern

    Baitfish streamer fly

    Spring for me is the time for fly fishing with a streamer and wet flies. Just for this time I have tied a baitfish imitation where I have used syntetic and natural material and finished with a dyed grizzly feathers.

  • Ice Bugger

    Ice Bugger

    This time something with the thought of spring trout, fly which I have been using successfully for years - black leeches. Mainly I am using as a dropper fly with zonker style streamer as a point fly.

  • Black&Orange Turbo tube fly

    Black&Orange Turbo tube fly

    Now I have made something different because I have used tubes. This is tube fly in probably two most popular salmon colours: black and orange.

    I made this fly some time ago something about 6 months ago, but now I have found some time to prepare pictures and put them to this page.

  • Royal Coachman wet fly

    Royal Coachman wet fly

    The Royal Coachman is a classic wet fly which is well known for years. Is not only showy, but most important is its effectiveness.

  • Neck Ring Nymph

    Neck Ring Nymph

    Some time ago I got an interesting new product, which I had a chance to test it. The result of this is this nymph.

  • Rusty Emerger

    Rusty Emerger

    That kind of flies I have loved for years, are simply to tie and very effective then we fish under the surface (similarly like wet fly - my favourite method).



  • Goddard Sedge

    Goddard Sedge - dry fly

    The Goddard Sedge is undoubtedly well known for most fly anglers and simply to tie classic dry fly pattern. I think all fly tiers has materials for the Goddard Sedge, natural or dyed deer hair and brown hackle from cape or saddle roster.

  • Gray CdC Caddisfly

    Maybe this is not a beautiful dry fly, but one of those which you must have in a fly box. In May or June during the evening fishing has given me a lot of good brown trout in the Vistula river.

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