Black & Grizzly Snatcher

  • Black & Grizzly Snatcher

    Black & Grizzly Snatcher

Snatcher is a very successful lake fly which is worth using when trout are feeding near the surface. These types of patterns are tied on a curved hooks type of Gammarus or Pupa profile and recognizable sign is hackle on the body.

The original has been tied to imitate large buzzers from Scottish Loch Leven and in most of versions the snatcher is based on the universal black colour.


How to fish: slow retrive (figure of eight) with long pull, the best line slow intermediate type.



Hook: Dohiku 644 no. 12

Thread: black UNI 8/0

Tag: UTC 140 fl. pink

Body: black UNI Stretch

Hackle: grizzly on body with UNI Soft Wire as rib, front hackle black feather

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