Bug Flash Pupa

Bug Flash Pupa

Imitation of emerging caddis larva where the body has been made of interesting material from Serbian brand Hemingway.
imitacja pupy chruścika Hare Tan Pupa

Hare Tan Caddis Pupa

Fabulously simple to tie imitation of the caddis larva, which is very effective during emerging of this insect. Brown trout from the Dunajec river in Poland and from the Vah in Slovakia loved this pattern.

Hair Caddis Pupa

Imitation of metamorphosing the caddis larvae which body was made of interesting material, which in my opinion is perfect for those imitation – this is a Natural Latex from Veniard.

Klinkhammer Special

The Klinkhammer Special is a popular and effective emerger fly, which was invented in the 80s by Dutchman Hans van Klinken. Its aim was to imitate an emerging caddisfly and right now because this is the time of caddis the Klinkhammer works great.

Golden Olive Buzzer

Another simple lake buzzer tied for the next trips to the Czech fishery. I used here two new and interesting in our market materials: thin thread/winsel the Micro Glint and a red version of the popular Loon UV glue.

Rusty Emerger

That kind of flies I have loved for years, are simply to tie and very effective then we fish under the surface (similarly like wet fly - my favourite method).

Olive buzzer

In time of preparing of my lake fly box for next year trips to the Czech Republic fisheries I have tied a olive buzzer.

Small emerger for grayling

As we know, during the autumn when the water is clean and low the grayling can be very finicky. Than we must use a small micro midges, for example similar pattern like this presented below.

Olive emerger

Spring this is a time when first bigger mayflies will appear and in that time I like to use a emerger type of flies. In many situations, when the dry fly is not so effective, it is easier to tempt the trout using fly under the surface, using the emerger.
mucha Amber Caddis Pupa

Amber Caddisfly Pupa

Imitation of metamorphosing caddis fly, which looks very attractive when is wet, and at the same time is not difficult to tie. Body of the Amber Caddisfly Pupa has been made from the Vinyl D Rib, very easy to use material from the UTC brand.