Black & Red wet fly

I love wet fly fishing, sinking line or even better an intermediate line, long casts and we don't quite know what we can catch?
mokra mucha

Grey wet fly

This time I have for you my wet fly killer from this year, which was highly effective for trout, chub and grayling in my local rivers.

Black & Grizzly Snatcher

Snatcher is a very successful lake fly which is worth using when trout are feeding near the surface. These types of patterns are tied on a curved hooks type of Gammarus or Pupa profile and recognizable sign is hackle on the body.
mucha mokra Viva

Viva – mini lure wet fly

I don't know why I'm just now showing this one of my basic wet flies, which I have been succesfully using for many years.

Royal Coachman wet fly

The Royal Coachman is a classic wet fly which is well known for years. Is not only showy, but most important is its effectiveness.

Bibio – classic wet fly

Bibio is one of the most popular wet lake flies in the world, whose simplicity, efficiency and versatility are the greatest advantages.

Wet Red Tag – classic fly

The Red Tag is a classic fly that was designed by the Englishman Martyn Flynn in the mid-19th century. Its original name is Worcestershire Gem and whatever version (wet or dry) it has proven to be very effective for catching grayling.
mokra mucha Coachman

Lead Wing Coachman

The Lead Wing Coachman is a classic wet fly, it’s a typical Coachman only made with slightly darker wings. Thanks to this fly I’ve caught many brown trout, chub, dace and even grayling. Of course for grayling you may need a smaller hook.
mucha Alexandra


The Alexandra this is the fly whose origin dates back to the mid-nineteenth century, and its name derives from the Princess Alexandra, on which honor is named.
mokra mucha March Brown Spider