Squirrel Jig Nymph

Super catchy Squirrel Jig Nymph where the basic material is squirrel hair in two forms. Easy to tie, durable..

Sunray Shadow v. tube fly

Does the tube fly have to be difficult to tie, definitely not! Just on the example of the popular Sunray Shadow tube fly you will see that you need only a few materials and a salmon killer is ready.

Black & Red wet fly

I love wet fly fishing, sinking line or even better an intermediate line, long casts and we don't quite know what we can catch?
Sculpin streamer pattern

Super easy Sculpin pattern

Does tying a good effective streamers have to be complicated? Of course not. You will see everything on this Sculpin streamer pattern, where I used only 3 materials.
nimfa Grey Orange Czech Nymph

Grey Orange Czech Nymph

After a long break I have for you nymph which I know around 15 years. This is a czech nymph pattern in grey-orange colors, which worked well while trout fishing in river.
mucha morska Krewetka Grizzly

Grizzly shrimp

Early spring season for sea trout is just around the corner, so I have tied some simple fly to tie in must have color because everybody like grizzly color, trout and tiers ;) .

Natural CDC dry fly

Dry fly in a very natural colors where the body has beed made by interesting the Flat Quill tinsel. It is slightly transparent and I like it for years, I am using also this material for small nymphs.
mucha na szczupaka

Crystal pike streamer

Effective pike streamer which I tested together with my friend Darek Rakowski during last November's trip. As it turned out later, it gave us a lot of pike.
skuteczna nimfa jig

Grey jig nymph

Small and highly effecitve nymph tied on a jig hook in size no.16, and what is important for beginner fly tiers very easy to tie.
mokra mucha

Grey wet fly

This time I have for you my wet fly killer from this year, which was highly effective for trout, chub and grayling in my local rivers.