Amber Caddisfly Pupa

  • Amber Caddis Pupa

    Amber Caddis Pupa

Imitation of metamorphosing caddis fly, which looks very attractive when is wet, and at the same time is not difficult to tie.
Body of the Amber Caddisfly Pupa has been made from the Vinyl D Rib, very easy to use material from the UTC brand. This material gives the flies realistic look and you can modify colour of the body using various colors of tying thread.



Hook: Hanak H300BL no. 14
Thread: Danville 6/0 fluo yellow
Body: UTC Vinyl D Rib - Nymph size, Rust color + black Antron dubbing
Hackle: brown back partridge feather
Wing case: Thin Fly Foam 2mm

Krystian Niemy



I really like the look of this fly!

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