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The Copper John is a simple, effective and very popular nymph in recent years, particularly in the USA, but not only there. This relatively young pattern has many modifications, here differs from the original only the wing case and UV glue.

In the original Copper John wing case has been made from turkey, but I used tested by me in another pattern with similar colours some syntetic material in peacock colour - the Flash Back Foil.

Consecutive years, that further modifications of the Copper Nymph, tail from the biot, wing case covered by 5 minute epoxy (I used faster in cooperation UV resin). Can be used other colour of wire: black, chartreuse, pink or another, and finally you will get other variations of this nymph.



Hook: Hanak 200BL, sizes 10-16

Thread: UTC 140 brown

Underbody: lead wire 0.4mm

Bead: gold 3.3mm

Tail and legs: partridge

Body: copper wire, here UNI

Wing case: Hemingway`s Flash Back Foil - Peacock and UV glue

Krystian Niemy

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