Golden Olive Buzzer

  • Golden Olive Buzzer

    Golden Olive Buzzer

Another simple lake buzzer tied for the next trips to the Czech fishery. I used here two new and interesting in our market materials: thin thread/winsel the Micro Glint and a red version of the popular Loon UV glue.

Thanks to the Micro Glint tying of the buzzer's body or smaller nymph takes only a few seconds, additionally you can use this material as rib in small wet or dry fly.

Red UV resin I'm using mainly for streamer heads, but here in this pattern nice transparent and interesting accent.




Hook: Hanak 500BL no. 14

Thread/Body: Micro Glint + Loon UV Red glue and Clear Cure Goo Hydro

Cheeks: UNI pearl tinsel

Wings: white CdC

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