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    Hair Caddis

100% hair pattern inspired classic the Elk Hair Caddis, from which it differs by the missing hackle of the body because I removed it due to a squirrel dubbing.

The squirrel dubbing has stiffer guard hairs which they will add the buoyancy and therefore works well with dry fly patterns, as well you can use this spike dubbing for emerger flies and nymphs.

Wing like in original the Elk Hair Caddis has been made from the Elk Hair and in my opinion this material is much better for dry fly wings than more popular deer hair, but for muddlers the Elk hair is unsuitable.



Hook: Dohiku 301 dry fly no. 16

Thread: UNI 8/0 gray

Body: squirrel dubbing from Wapsi Natural Fur series

Wing: Elk Body Hair Light

Krystian Niemy

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