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2015-07-17 21:48
  • Hair Caddis Pupa
    Hair Caddis Pupa

Imitation of metamorphosing the caddis larvae which body was made of interesting material, which in my opinion is perfect for those imitation - this is a Natural Latex from Veniard.

This material has two sides, first is smooth and slippery, whereas the second is more interested in us has a delicate fuzz.
The advantage of this second side is one thing: we can easily paint it.


Hook: FMFly FM966BL Shrimp & Caddis Pupa

Threads: UTC fl. yellow and UNI 8/0 Rust Brown

Body: Natural Latex marki Veniard

Wing case: brown 1mm foam

Wings: fibers from golden pheasant center tail

Dubbing: squirel hair - here from Wapsi Natural Fur series

Krystian Niemy

painted version

painted version



2016-01-05 12:07

Nice fly , will try it in size 16 tonight.
East Bay Ed

2017-08-06 16:55

Will tie a few.