HL hopper fly

  • HL hopper fly

    HL hopper fly

This time I have tied very easy pattern from the foam, on which I like to tie various well-floating flies. Patterns of this type are very popular in USA for trout fishing, but in our situation not only for trout, chub, ide also.

Otherwise such fly can be used as indicator fly when fishing with nymph. Unfortunately not on every fishery we can use the indicator, so this is some kind of solution of this situation.



Hook: Partridge Sproat Wet no. 8

Thread: flat UTC 140 Fl. Fire Orange

Body: two color Bug Body Foam from Spirit River, cut out by the River Road Creations cutter

Legs: Grizzly Flutter Legs from Hareline

Wing: floating yarn the Para Post Wing

Krystian Niemy

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