Hot jig nymph

  • Hot jig nymph

    Hot jig nymph

Jig nymphs with beads in mettalic pink are highly effective and pupular in fly boxes of many fly anglers, with those who representing their countries in competition at the highest level. This color of bead has something and it works well not only in nymphs (presented at 2011-11-11 lake pattern Pink & White Killer).

Worth to have and I would say that you have to have some patterns in that color in your box.

I have used in this nymph two materials which I which relatively rarely seen in boxes Polish anglers, which is a pity. This is the Egg Yarn, which which more often will see in salmon fly boxes and the Micro Glint - syntetic thread/shine fiber which is best suited for small patterns.



Hook: Hanak 400BL no. 12

Bead: 3,3mm mettalic pink slotted

Thread: Veevus 16/0 brown

Body: Micro Glint in Golden Olive

Tail: Egg Yarn Fl. Orange

Hackle: partridge + CdC

Krystian Niemy

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