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    Klinkhammer Special

The Klinkhammer Special is a popular and effective emerger fly, which was invented in the 80s by Dutchman Hans van Klinken. Its aim was to imitate an emerging caddisfly and right now because this is the time of caddis the Klinkhammer works great.

It is so popular fly pattern with a fairly original shape that some companies manufacture specially profiled hooks for the Klinkhammer. This shape is perfect for all kinds of emerger imitations, so you might want to have it.

Characteristic in the Klinkhammer is hackle which is tied horizontally in the parachute style. The hackle has to be tied on the base of thread (several warps of thread around wing), but the most difficult are the finishing wraps.

You can finish the Klinkhammer in several ways:

  • with more practice by hand whip-finish or using finisher tool (you can make this step easier by turning a fly in a vise, so that the wing will be horizontal)
  • using fast drying glue or thin UV resin (put a small amount on the bodkin, raise the hackle and than applied in place between hackle and body), here I do not tie the typical finish knot and that method I've used the most often.




Hook: barbless FM Fly 550BL Klinkhamer no. 14 (or barbed model from Partridge brand)

Thread: Veevus 16/0 brown

Wing: white the Para Post Win

Body: Waspi Natural Fur dubbing - Australian Opossum, under the wing 3-4 strands of peacock herl

Ribbing: Quill Body Pearl

Hackle: grizzly hackle

 Krystian Niemy

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