Micro jig nymph

  • Micro jig nymph

    Micro jig nymph

Micro nymph tied on the smallest jig hook on the market in size no.20 . Classic combination of colors with silver tungsten bead and holographic tag is always worked well.

Actually, I have never shown and I did not write that on the site, but the UTC flat thread is great for profiling bodies of flies. For all who do not know it yet - I recommend the UTC thread!



Hook: Dohiku Jig no. 20

Bead: tungsten silver 2.3 mm

Thread: UTC 70 olive and Veevus 16/0 for the CdC

Body: UNI Mylar Holo Gold + UTC thread

Hackle: CdC + Ice Dub in Peacock Black

Krystian Niemy

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