Micro jig nymph

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2015-04-05 14:19
  • Micro jig nymph
    Micro jig nymph

Micro jig nymph tied on the smallest fly jig hook on the market - size 20. Classic combination of colors with silver tungsten bead and holographic tag accent it's always works very well.

Actually, I've never written or showed this on my website, but the UTC flat thread is perfect for profiling bodies or underbodies of different types of flies. For even not knowing it - I recommend!



Hook: Dohiku Jig nr 20

Bead: silver tungsten 2.3 mm

Threads: UTC 70 olive and Veevus 16/0 for CdC's hackle

Body: UNI Mylar Holo Gold tinsel + UTC thread

Hackle: CdC + the Ice Dub Peacock Black

Krystian Niemy