Pearl Minnow

  • Pearl Minnow fly

    Pearl Minnow fly

Pearl Minnow this is a minnow pattern where I have used a two main materials: synthetic hairs for the tail and pearl minnow tubing. This pattern works well for species like trout, chub, perch - I have catched them for this fly.


If we want to add a resistance to the mylar body can we cover the whole mylar with UV resin or epoxy, but if we prefer to change color of the body (under mylar tubing) can we use thicker tying thread e.g. UTC 210 or 280, or use waterproof markers.  



Hook: streamer type, long or short shank (here no. 6)

Thread: UNI Mono - Fine

Tail: white Baitfish Hair, hot pink Baitfish Silk Hair and Baitfish Mix in silver baitfish colour

Body: pearl mylar, on top epoxy with black glitter

Eyes: 3-4mm

Krystian Niemy

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