Perdigone Holo Quill nymph

Perdigone's nymphs are very simple to tie, and in many situations very effective. They come from Spanish boxes, and one of those fly fisherman gave me information about those patternt a few years ago.

Construction is very easy: tail, body with UV resin (usually made of holo or pearl tinsel) and bead. Can be tied on jig hooks or with straight shank models.

Very important is a thread, should be flat - the best in my opinion is the UTC in size 140, some tiers prefer 210's for bigger hooks.

In my pattern I have covered gold holo tinsel by brilliant transparent synthetic Quill (Hemingway brand) - honestly recommend!



Hook: no. 12 jig style

Bead: tungsten 3.3mm silver

Thread: UTC 140 olive + UTC 70 fluo fire orange for fluo accent

Underbody: flat lead wire

Body: UNI holo gold tinsel + Transparent Quill by Hemingway brand

Glue: UV resing Clear Cure Goo Hydro

Krystian Niemy

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