Viva - mini lure wet fly

I don't know why I'm just now showing this one of my basic wet flies, which I have been succesfully using for many years.

Viva is effective not only for spring's river trout, but also it works well during the states of slightly raised water or evening flights of the caddis.

Additionally it's irreplaceable for the newly released trout, in the smallest sizes for grayling and in a lowland rivers and lakes I caught for it: chub, dace, roach and of course various species of trout.


Materials for the Viva:

Hook: here Hanak 200BL no. 10

Body: black dubbing the Wapsi Life Cycle with the rib - UNI French Silver medium

Tail: chartreuse marabou

Wing: black marabou

Krystian Niemy

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