Yellow Sea Trout fly

  • Yellow Sea Trout fly

    Yellow Sea Trout fly

As we know the sea trout in a winter time like a yellow flies and the best time to catch sea trout is a dusk. The addition of a glow fibers will lighten up a fly in a hours of darkness.

In this pattern I have tied the wing from the arctic fox in reverse direction, such wing will better work in the water.




Hook: Fmfly 305 Salmon

Thread: UNI 6/0 chartreuse

Tail: yellow arctic fox

Body: UNI Glo Yarn

Wing 1: yellow arctic fox + pearl krystal flash

Hackle 1: yellow cock saddle hackle

Wing 2: yellow arctic fox + Baitfish Glow Fibers

Hackle 2: olive cock saddle hackle

Krystian Niemy

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