CdC dry fly with yellow synthetic quill

  • CdC yellow dry fly

    CdC yellow dry fly

CdC dry fly in one of the most popular colours which you should have in your fly box. Body in this dry fly pattern I have tied from new material on the market, this is the Synthetic Quill Body Wrap (brand Hareline).

The biggest advantage of this material is its very high performance, dozens of quills and each has the length allow you to tie a few dry flies or nymphs.

The Synthetic Quill Body Wrap may be additionally strengthened: tie in on the body coated by any glue or after all add a dropt of thin UV glue for example the Clear Cure Goo Hydro.



hook: Dohiku HDD 301

Thread: Veevus 16/0 gray

Tail: Coq de Leon

Body: Synthetic Quill Body Wrap from Hareline

Wing and hackle: gray CdC

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