Copper John v.

The Copper John is a simple, effective and very popular nymph in recent years, particularly in the USA, but not only there. This relatively young pattern has many modifications, here differs from the original only the wing case and UV glue.

Catgut Nymph

This nymph has been tied from highly valued material by many fly tiers - the catgut. I caught on this pattern in the last day of the trout season several trouts on small river nearby to me.

Hot jig nymph

Jig nymphs with beads in mettalic pink are highly effective and popular in fly boxes of many fly anglers, with those who representing their countries in competition at the highest level.

Neck Ring Nymph

Some time ago I got an interesting new product, which I had a chance to test it. The result of this is this the Neck Ring Nymph.

Grayling jig nymph

Something simple and very quick for a grayling season. In this jig nymph I have used an interesting synthetic material the Quill Body Pearl, which samples I have had the opportunity to test more than a year ago.

Quill nymph

Quill nymph pattern where the body has been made from the peacock quill, painted by waterproof marker and covered by UV resin

Stonefly nymph

This time it is the turn of big stonefly nymph, which in spring time can be very effective.

Flashback Rusty Skud

Rusty Skud should be in the box of every fly fisherman, it's one of the colors that you must have.

Prince Nymph

Prince Nymph is one of the most popular nymphs in the world which is very effective and universal.

Hot Spot Jig Nymph

Jig nymph with a bright accent and a natural, often effective grey color.