Larwa chruścika

Caddisfly larvae nymph

An effective Caddisfly larvae nymph that I tied in many sizes and colors from cream, olive, green, brown.
nimfa z quilla

Quill nymph

Nymph pattern where the body was tied by shaved herl from the peacock eye.

Bead Head Pheasant Tail Nymph

Unquestionably the bead head pheasant tail nymph is the most popular nymph pattern in Poland, and not only. Tied in a lot of variations: different colors of collars or beads, with or without hackle, with additional backs...

Little hare

In my opinion this is the easiest nymph pattern for begginer fly tyer. Not looks like a perfect modern nymph, but very effective for brown trout in rivers in South of Poland.

Orange scud

Grayling orange scud is easy to tie and the most important tested on rivers in South of Poland like: Dunajec, Sola or Koszarawa. Because I did not add a lead wire for underbody I am using for a dropper.

Brown Cactus Pheasant Tail nymph

One of my variations of popular Pheasant Tail nymph pattern. Most importantly that has been tested during trout fishing, but in smaller sizes is good for grayling. Great fly on dirty water.