PH streamer

Streamers are not only zonkers, which we see most in our boxes, but also those patterns tied of synthetic materials.

Bloody minnow

Bloody minnow is a small streamer pattern which was made of baitfish hair material.

Deer Hair Pike popper

This time something for pike fly fishing. Why popper fly, appreciated in the west countries and so underestimated in our country?

Pearl Minnow

Pearl Minnow this is a minnow pattern where I have used a two main materials: synthetic hairs for the tail and pearl minnow tubing. This pattern works well for species like trout, chub, perch - I have catched them for this fly.
mucha na tęczaki

Pink & White Killer

This fly is fabulously simple to tie and extremely effective with rainbow trout. During the last late autumn trip to Skaliczka (a reservoir in the Czech Republic), half of the trout I caught were on this fly.
szczupakowa mucha

The Fireman – pike fly

This pike fly recommended to me by one of the Dutch anglers, so I tied that fly.

Upside-down streamer

Streamer pattern tied on a hook, which has designed for imitations with the point of the hook is up. Such a streamer solves the problem of trout fishing in very shallow and rocky places.
Jeziorowy puchowczyk

Czech style lake/stillwater lure

The fly was watched furtively in a lake box of a Czech competitor at the occasion of the competition in Auschwitz.
marabou streamer