streamer zonker

Mylar zonker

Mylar piping or tubing this is a very nice material which has given us realistic look of a streamer's body. I have a fondness for this material because I have caught my first brown trout for a black marabou streamer with a silver body from the mylar.
Muddler Matuka

Muddler Matuka

This pattern the Muddler Matuka has been tested in very good results in my local Vistula river. Combination of a wing in matuka style, a muddler head and light yellow/cream body this is what Vistula's brown trout like.
imitacja pijawki

Fluo B.H. Black Leech

The leech imitation is very effective by the whole trout season. From the beggining of season, till the June this is one of my basic pattern...


This is my undoubtedly favorite streamer pattern which I am using almost in all trips. I like to use a chain for eyes because they are not so heavy like for example the dumbbell or twin eyes and tie the head with dubbing made in a thread loop.

Hot Orange – fly for rainbow trout

Highly effective fly for the rainbow trouts in lakes and other stillwater fisheries made with chenille of Sybai brand. It is worth to tie this fly in other colors like: light and hot pink, black and pearl.

Yellow-red marabou – fly for perch

Proven and effective fly pattern for perch in rivers or lakes. I recommend to try because the fly fishing is not only trout and grayling.

Marabou streamer

Simple and quick streamer pattern which can be tied on smaller hook for trout and bigger hook for a seatrout.