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  1. Mike
    Mike says:

    Is the dubbing on this fly a rusty brown color as it appears in the pictures?
    I have some rusty coloured hares mask and this might be a good fly to use it on.
    I am in Canada, Newfoundland and we fish for sea trout(brown), brown trout, rainbows,
    Brook trout (native) landlocked Atlantic Salmon, Atlantic Salmon and Artic Char(Labrador). I have been tying flys for over fifty years since I was a boy.
    I am self taught but have picked up lots of techniques from my reasearch.
    All the best!

  2. "Wimp" Wimpenney
    "Wimp" Wimpenney says:

    When I taught fly tying to 4-H club kids (11-15 years old) in 1962-3, I taught a similar fly but told the youngsters to find anything from home that was free and could be found again to use for the body. Hackle best from birds in their family’s yard!

    Many funny looking flies, but then we went out to some local mountain streams, and MOST CAUGHT TROUT or BROOKIES!

  3. Krystian
    Krystian says:

    Yes, this is a rusty brown dubbing. You have to tie and try this fly, one of the best wet flies in my box.

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